Our Wide-Ranging and Varied Activities, Which Have Been Carried Out with "Life" as the Keyword, Continue into the New Century

In the 21st century, now we are confronted with radical political, economic, social and ecological changed, both at home and abroad. Under such circumstances, the Midori Shobo Co., Ltd. a group of publishing companies, is determined to actively fulfill its responsibility to work for the good of humanity, human society, and the earth's environment.
Since its inception in 1960, the Midori Shobo containing two brands (Pet Life Sha/Chikusan Publishing), has consistently been engaged in the publishing business with "life" as its main focus. In our "green star or planet of life" there are various forms of life, from microbes to elephants and whales, from little flowering plants to big trees. They all live interdependently. We human beings also form a link in the chain of forms of life. In the 20th century, human beings' relationship with all other forms of life was very unstable, the former being at an overwhelming advantage. In the history of life, which began in the sea as much as four billion years ago, a century is just an instant. In the past century, however, human beings underwent a tremendous population explosion. It has resulted in various food and environmental problems, which in turn have caused changes to various forms of life. There are so many species facing extinction.
If we human beings are to coexist peacefully with all other forms of life, serious problems, such as those affecting reproduction and nutrition and disease-related problems, must not be left unsolved. In this context, we at the Midori Shobo are committed to continuing with our publishing business with "life" as the keyword among ourselves so that our activities may help human beings obtain the wisdom and skill to overcome these problems



Timely Dissemination of Up-to-date, Accurate Information Acquired Using Refined Rationalities and Highly Developed Sensibilities

The Midori Shobo Co., Ltd./Pet Life Sha/Chikusan Publishing a total of eight journals--seven monthlies and a bimonthly.
Midori Shobo publishes two specialist journals, one for the aquaculture industry and the other for the aquarium fish industry, thereby contributing to the growth of the two industries and at the same time helping their readers realize their fondest dreams.
Chikusan Publishing which publishes three journals, all of which have a strong impact on the stockbreeding industry and the veterinary medicine community, respectively, as trade journals with a long history and tradition, is in the process of starting new journals that meet the needs and wishes of therapists and animal rights advocates.
Pet Life Sha publishes three journals that focus on companion animals--which are expected to step into the limelight in a society with an increased number of nuclear families and an aging population--and their lives.
These specialist and trade journals are not only strongly supported by their respective readers but also are justly recognized by industry, academia, and many professional and trade organizations. We are committed to the dissemination of useful, intriguing and high-value-added information for these academic, professional and trade organizations as well as the readers of these journals, which is to be realized in close cooperation with all of them. It is also committed to the creation of new journals that meet the demands of the new century.

The Aqua Culture Business (monthly)
An Information-laden Journal of Productive Fishery
The Companion Animal Practice (monthly)
A journal for veterinarians giving medical care to companion animals
The Diagnostic Imaging of Companion Animal (bimonthly)
The first journal about diagnostic imaging of companion animals in Japan
The Journal of Clinical Veterinary Medicine (monthly)
A journal committed to the creation of a new era of research on industrial animals
The Pig Magazine (monthly)
A journal designed to indicate new directions of management of the pig breeding business in the age of internationalization
The Wan (bimonthly)
A journal packed with exciting and informative articles for dog lovers
The Happy Trimmer (bimonthly)
A reliable journal for pet trimmers

The more profound knowledge one has, the more brilliant one becomes. The Midori Shobo's books are all planned and edited based on this proposition

The Midori Shobo Co., Ltd./Pet Life Sha/Chikusan Publishing has published new books one after another on the strength of its experience of publishing wide-ranging and in-depth stories in its journals based on the results of probing and subtle analyses of information and data, thereby establishing itself in the area of publishing of science books and hobby books.
One of the two pillars of the publishing business of Midori Shobo is Oriental medicine (herbal medicines, acupuncture and moxibustion, qigong breathing exercise, traditional Chinese medicine), which puts the health of the human body at the top of the ecological system. Books published by the company extensively cover this genre. The other includes aquaculture and aquarium fish. The company publishes a wide variety of hobby books for lovers of tropical fish and reptiles, as well as many technical books aimed at promoting the growth of the aquaculture industry. It also publishes books on horses and literary works.
One of the two pillars of the publishing business of Chikusan Publishing is veterinary science. The company's books in this genre include an encyclopedic dictionary of veterinary science, an English-Japanese dictionary of veterinary science, reference books for nurses, and how-to books on the operation and management of veterinary clinics. The other pillar is stockbreeding. The company has been publishing many books in this genre. The company is also interested to publish books on such new themes as healing.
Books published by Pet Life Sha cover almost all pet-related topics. It has published many books on dogs, cats and other pets, each of which is an important member of its owners' family. These books help strengthen the bonds of friendship between human beings and their pets or companion animals.
In the 20th century, human being lived increasingly estranged from other forms of life and nature. They created an environment surrounded by machines and many other artificialities, which it was easier for human beings to deal with. But now this scheme has reached a dead end. Human beings have realized the need to have other forms of life and nature close to themselves once again. In this context, the Midori Shobo Co., Ltd./Pet Life Sha/Chikusan publishing is committed to the continued development and application of new ideas in the area of publication of books and journals.

[Midori Shobo]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aquaculture/
Aquarium Fish Are the Two Chief Pillars.

[Chikusan Publishing]

A comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine and stockbreeding.

[Pet Life Sha]

Committed to the creation of a new pet culture




Date of establishment : Dec.1960
Capital : 50,000,000 yen
President : Morita Takeshi
Total number of Publications : 860

Business lines: Publishing journals and books, developing and implementing overseas inspection tour programs, developing and implementing seminars, developing and implementing shows and events, developing and selling videos and CD-ROMs, and developing and providing Internet-related services

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